“carnaroli” rice with fish sauce

€ 12.00

White Risotto with Minced Seafood

Nice’s tagliatelle

€ 10.00

Wide Noodles with White Seafood Sauce

seafood passatelli

€ 12.00

Soft, Dumpling-like Egg Pasta Flavored with Cheese, Lemon and Nutmeg; Served with a Seafood Sauce

spaghetti with clam sauce

€ 11.00

Regular Spaghetti with Clams Cooked with Garlic and Parsley

tonnarelli with lobster

€ 18.00

Thick, Square-Cut Spaghetti with a Red Lobster Sauce

baby gnocchi

€ 10.00

Tiny Potato Dumplings with Clams, Arugula and Shrimp

ravioli with salmon with shrimp sauce

€ 12.00

Ravioli filled with salmon and ricotta cheese in squid sauce